Books by Lysander Spooner

Our favorites

  1. Natural Law; or The Science of Justice: A Treatise on Natural Law, Natural Justice, Natural Rights, Natural Liberty, and Natural Society; Showing That All Legislation Whatsoever Is An Absurdity, A Usurpation, and A Crime. Part First (1882).
  2. Vices Are Not Crimes: A vindication of Moral Liberty (1875).
  3. No Treason. No. I  (1867).
    No Treason. No. II, The Constitution  (1867).
    No Treason. No. VI, The Constitution of No Authority.  (1870).
  4. The Deist's Immortality, and An Essay On Man's Acountability For His Belief   (1834).
  5. The Deist's Reply to the Alleged Supernatural Evidences of Christianity.   (1836).

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