Freedom Church is expanding

Some of you are not aware that the Freedom Law School (F.L.S.), is one of the educational arms of the Freedom Church (F.C.). This is a good time to tell you all about the Freedom Church, it's principles and goals, and how it can help YOU live a FREE life NOW!

Freedom Church has been seeking the truth and aiming to restore the Natural law* which we all, naturally seek, due to the existence of Sinderesis* within all of us.

Vast majority of churches in America focus so much of their attention on the "positive or revealed laws", that they barely promote and propagate the "Natural Laws" of our creator. This situation has become so bad that most of the churches today instead of exercising their Natural Right* to exist and operate, seek to operate as 501 ( c ) (3) non profit corporations and subject themselves to intrusive control and regulations of the Federal Government.

This is the case even though the Federal Government has recognized the ancient and well established tradition of not intervening in church affairs in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, churches are specifically exempted from having to apply to the Government to be recognized as non profit or tax exempt institutions in Section 508( c )(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as in their own publications*.

In addition, some churches have become shockingly ignorant of Natural Law and Natural Rights. For example, I know of a man whose church fired him from working for the church, even though they agreed that he did good work, simply because he did not have a slave tracking (Social [In]Security) number! This church would not give this man the chance to even explain his reasons!!!

Freedom Church believes no person or entity is above the Natural Law, and no human sanction can rightfully override the Natural Law. By enlightening people of the nature, importance and benefits of Natural Law, we will hope to bring peace, harmony and freedom to our lives as our creator intended us to.

Unfortunately those people or entities in positions of power, be it a rich person, company, a powerful government entity or agent, often misuse and abuse their power. However, you would be amazed at how these abuses can be immensely reduced by your proper understanding and assertion of your legal rights.

We hope to be able to send the Freedom News to all who wish to receive it, and distribute as much of the free literature that we put out free of charge to enlighten the masses. However, we can do so only with YOUR SUPPORT.

* See the accompanying photo copies of law books for detailed definition of these words and authorities.

For example, we distribute Brochures and information of the "Fully Informed Jury Association" about the inherent right and duty of jurors to veto unconscionable laws, at our cost. There are other causes which we would like to lend our financial support, if you empower us to do so.

If we are unable to cover the costs of these mailers, we will be forced to stop mailing out to those who have not supported us in one way or another. YOU can support our Freedom work by purchasing our Classes (live or on tape) as well as purchasing our books and literature; or you can become a supporting member of the Freedom Church by sending a donation.

Any one can become a member of the Freedom Church by declaring their belief in our principles outlined below. We would like to suggest that you donate the equivalent of just 1 hour of your compensation for work (wages), per month for the support of Freedom Church and it's Freedom Works. Some of you make under $10 an hour and some of you over $100 an hour. We believe 1 hour per month for freedom is a reasonable price. Do you agree?

Of course you may send less or more than this amount, and even if you don't send us any money and declare your belief in our principals, we will still send you a membership card.

Application for Freedom Church membership/contribution

(copy and distribute this form as you wish)

I,_______________ hereby declare my belief in the Supremacy of Natural Laws as outlined below:

1) I believe that Natural Laws which have been given to us by our creator are inherently superior to any law which any man or group of men might declare to be laws, and

2) I believe that only through enlightenment, education and proper assertion of Natural and existing man made laws can the supremacy of Natural Law become exposed and re-instated, and

3) I am committing myself to become more enlightened and educated about the Natural Law and to enlighten and educate others of the same.

4) (check one)

a)____ As a member of the Freedom Church, I am not relinquishing my membership in any other church which I may belong to, and request to be recognized as a member of the Freedom Church. As a member, I am making the following contribution:

b)____ My current Church and beliefs prohibit me from belonging to any other church in any manner whatsoever, however in support of your freedom works, I am enclosing the following contribution:

5) (Check the desired membership or supporting donation listed below):

a) 1 hour/ month contribution at the rate of $____ per hour (x 12 months) = $____ year.

b) 30 min./ " " " " " " $____ " " " " " = $____ " .

c) $____ annually (insert desired amount.)

To protect your privacy, please SEND CASH ONLY, no check. We don't have a bank account.

Date: ___________________ (sign your name) _________________________